Bourke Accommodation

Have a look at our Captivating displays of unique and comfortable rooms and find one that suits your liking or needs. We are sure that our Cozy motel will have what ever you desire for the perfect getaway in the outback of our Beautiful country Australia


These cheap and affordable room is packed with both comfort and adventure.

They are practical and all come with their own distinguished and unique style, offering a whole variety to choose from.  Each has an en-suite bathroom, aircon, TV, microwave, and bar fridge.

Deluxe Rooms

We currently have 2 unique and different styles of our Deluxe Rooms,
the “Standard Queen Motel Room” and our “Standard Queen Family Room”. 

These unit consist of the standard adequate living conditions, accompanied with the latest appliances to enhance your experience with us.

We accept everyone and anyone, that is why our Inclusive motel also has a disabled unit to make sure everyone is having a fantastic time.

Executive Suites

These luxurious unit comes with large spaces so that our wonderful guests are able to put their belongings somewhere safe without it being to much of a clutter.

We have currently 10 Executive Suites for our guest to roam and choose from to see if it suits their needs.

Every single one of these suites are unique in their own way and all have different styles and functionalities that we can guarantee you will love.

4 Bedroom Cottage

Our Cottage is the ideal booking for a whole group of friends or family.

The 4 bedroom cottage has an enormous space for everyone to hang out, a fully functional kitchen for the best meals, a dining table and much more!.

Our bedroom are made for the guest, with the highest quality material we can guarantee the most Soundful and Pleasant sleep to keep you in the best of health and ready for the next morning.